About CY Heifer Farms, LLC

If raising heifers is a real chore for you or your employees, consider the CY Heifer Farm!

Allows you to focus management, labor, capital investment, and forage production on the milking herd with assurances your heifers will come home ready to make you money.

  • Calf pickup ranging from 2 days to 1 week of age.
  • Return of pregnant heifers back to your farm.
  • Flexible programs to fit your needs.
  • Structured feeding and health management programs.
  • Detailed health records and monthly progress reports.
  • Weekly Dairy Comp 305 updates – online.
  • Employees who specialize in calf care and heifer raising.
  • We strive to constantly exceed growth and health requirements.
  • Forages grown specifically for heifers
  • Rations and housing designed to meet requirements as they grow and develop.
  • Reduction of animal units on your farm to assist in CAFO compliance.

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    5327 Watson Road

    Elba, NY 14058-9711

    (585) 757-2440

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